EuSEM 2016 - Vienna, Austria


Industry Sponsored Workshops

Lunch provided
  Monday 3 October - 12.55


1/ Neustart ZNA: „to (E)care or not to care“ - Erfahrungsbericht aus Schweinfurt, Edin Zelihic (Germany)
2/ Die Kunst der statistischen Aufarbeitung anhand von Routinedaten, Harald Eisenbarth (Germany)
3/ One more thing: Our patients, our colleagues, myEcare!, Jan Stroobants (Belgium)

Room E - Geheime Ratstube

Penthrox®▼ (methoxyflurane): a new inhaled analgesic for trauma pain

Chair: Keith Porter (UK)
1/ Pain in Trauma – the Unmet Need, Agnès Ricard-Hibon (France)
2/ Penthrox, Pain and the Patient Pathway – the Australian Experience, Paul Middleton (Australia)
3/ Penthrox – a New Arrival for Europe, Frank Coffey (UK)

Room C - Prinz Eugen Saal

FOAM Rises: Is it clean air or rotten gas?

Presenter: Roger Harris (Australia)

Room D - Forum

Minicare cTnI: Introducing advanced near patient testing for cardiac troponin in the Emergency Department

Moderator: Veronique Semjonow
1/ Minicare cTnI analytical performance and determination of the 99th URL of a healthy population, Paul Collinson (UK)
2/ Minicare cTnI clinical performance: outcome of a European multicenter study, Michael Christ (Germany)

Room F - Rittersaal

  Tuesday 4 October - 12.55

Nasal High-flow Across the Continuum of Care

Chair : Ross Freebairn, Patrick McSweeny
1/ Nasal High Flow therapy Mechanisms of Action and Physiological Outcomes, Ross Freebairn (New Zealand)
2/ Clinical applications of Nasal High Flow therapy, Benjamin Sztrymf (France)
3/ Emerging applications for Nasal High Flow therapy in the ED, Nuttapol Rittayamai (Thailand)

Room C - Prinz Eugen Saal

POWER UP YOUR ED - 3 ways to implement change for faster diagnostic decisions

Chair: Petra Wilke (Germany)
1/ SHORTENING WAITING TIMES: Going lean in the ED with POC, Eric Revue (France)
2/ DEFINING SEPSIS: New strategies for a new definition for an old disease, Michael Oppert (Germany)
3/ THE CHANGING FACE OF EMERGENCY CARE: New needs for an aging population, Petra Wilke (Germany)

Room E - Geheime Ratstube

Improving Cardiac Care in the Emergency Department

1/ PCT in Heart Failure, Philipp Schuetz (Switzerland)
2/ Immediate and Accelerated Rule-Out in ACS patients, Martin Moeckel (Germany)

Room F - Rittersaal

The programme is still under construction and further details will be added as and when available.