EuSEM 2016 - Vienna, Austria

Organising Societies

SGNOR (Switzerland)


Dear Colleagues, Nurses, Paramedics, and Physicians,

This year the congress of the European Society of Emergency Medicine (EuSEM) will take place in Vienna. In addition to the outstanding scientific program, the EuSEM 2016 is offering a focus session organized by the German Association of Interdisciplinary Emergency and Acute Medicine (DGINA), the Austrian association of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) and the Swiss Society of Emergency and Rescue Medicine (SSERM). This focus session will run alongside the EuSEM congress program and will mainly include presentations in German.

We invite you to take this unique opportunity to gain a concentrated update about selected topics concerning emergency medicine in the German-speaking region and to connect easily with colleagues and experts.

Germany, Switzerland, and Austria are still in the process of establishing emergency medicine as a true specialty. After 25 years of activity in Switzerland, pre-hospital and hospital emergency medicine have achieved recognition as subspecialties with defined curricula. We are proud to share our experience with our colleagues and friends and to discuss pitfalls and future challenges based on the experience and insight from other European countries.

We look forward to this exciting event and encourage you to participate and to share your enthusiasm for emergency medicine with the organizing committee of the 2016 EuSEM event.

On behalf of the board of the Swiss Society of Emergency and Rescue Medicine,

Mathias Zuercher

Robert Sieber


Swiss Society of Emergency and Rescue Medicine (SSERM) - your competent partner for emergency medicine

The SSERM is the association of the physicians involved in all aspects of pre-hospital rescue medicine, in-hospital emergency medicine, and disaster medicine. Its members are physicians (ordinary members) or other professionals who are directly involved emergency patients care (associated members). The physicians are certified in in one of the various medical specialties that are involved in some aspect of the emergency medical care of patients. The SSERM aims to optimize emergency medical care in Switzerland along the entire chain-of-survival including the initial treatment in the adequate target hospital. In this sense, the SSERM is particularly engaged in teaching and advanced training not only for emergency physicians but also to foster a dialogue between all groups and institutions working together on scene and who are involved in rescue and emergency care. The SSERM is a non-profit association with approximately 950 members. The involvement of all members is voluntary.

The ultimate goal of the SSERM is the welfare of the patient. To promote this, the SSERM is actively developing all aspects of the emergency medical field. In addition, the SSERM aims to strengthen the awareness of this field.

Specialty training
The SSERM is commissioned by the Swiss Medical Association to provide physicians with education and advanced training in emergency medicine and to provide the corresponding certification. Currently, there are more than 500 SSERM-certified pre-hospital emergency physicians («Fähigkeitsausweis Notarzt SGNOR») and more than 300 SSERM-certified as emergency physicians («Fähigkeitsausweis Klinische Notfallmedizin SGNOR»). A five-year specialty training in «Emergency Medicine» is currently under development.

Quality improvement
The SSERM continuously reviews the knowledge and skills and make improvements based on its current and past experiences. The SSERM promotes the continuous optimization of preclinical emergency services, activities on the emergency ward, and the response to disasters. The SSERM strives for innovations on both the scientific and practical level in order to provide best-quality emergency medicine.

Networking and collaboration
Given the complexity of emergency medicine in Switzerland, the SSERM considers networking and cooperation on a national and international level involved in emergency medicine – provider and authorities. The SSERM offers an open dialogue and is willing to work hard and contribute to the future development of emergency medicine. 

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