EuSEM 2016 - Vienna, Austria
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Greetings from Vienna...

Greetings by the Austrian Minister of Health, Sabine Oberhauser

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Participants,

I would like to welcome you to Austria and the beautiful city of Vienna. Medicine has a very long tradition in Vienna. Today we have one of the world’s leading medical universities and many research institutions of international reputation.

It is a great honour that experts of emergency medicine from all over Europe gather in Vienna for the 10th European Congress on Emergency Medicine. The wide range of key-notes, workshops and pre-courses will give the experts the opportunity to discuss in-depth key medical, organisational and management themes in emergency medicine. I am convinced that the scientific progress and the knowledge gained will be for the benefit of thousands of patients.

I wish all participants a successful conference with many fruitful discussions!

Drin Sabine Oberhauser, MAS
Federal Minister of Health and Women´s Affairs


Greetings by the President of the Viennese physicians' chamber, Thomas Szekeres

Dear colleagues,

welcome to the Congress of the European Society of Emergency Medicine, and welcome to Vienna. The fact that this congress takes place in Vienna this year is a great honor for us since it stresses the importance of Emergency Medicine. The Austrian Physicians´ Chamber values Emergency Medicine; via our Academy, we provide advanced training and also refresher classes for our members. Both advanced training and refresher classes are very popular with our members. 12.742 doctors have been trained in Emergency Medicine, 379 of them in a leading position and with a special diploma from our Academy. It is our goal to increase these numbers further.

The importance of Emergency Medicine and its many facets will be at the core of the congress. I wish you all an interesting event and a nice stay here in Vienna.

Best regards,
Thomas Szekeres, President of the Viennese Medical Chamber


Greetings by the Executive Councillor for Public Health, Social Affairs and Generations of the City of Vienna, Sonja Wehsely

Dear participants,

I am delighted to welcome you here in Vienna. Our societies experience great changes, that  are also very much reflected in the field of healthcare. Our population is much more diverse than it used to be. In Vienna for example we will have many more older and younger people at the same time in the near future. This also provides new challenges for the field of emergency medicine that we need to face together.  I wish you a productive and interesting conference.

Sonja Wehsely, Executive Councillor for Public Health, Social Affairs and Generations of the City of Vienna